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5 Things To Try in 2014

5 Things To Try in 2014


New Year always inspires us to make changes to our lives, and with that in mind, we’d like to help you with your New Year’s Resolutions with a few new things to try in 2014…

Aboriginal Walkabout

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to connect deeper with the real Australia, then take a guided walkabout. You can find a great walkabout tour in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, where you will be guided by local Aboriginal Evan Yanna Muru. Walkabout tours will educate you about the Aboriginal Dreamtime, bushcraft, bushtucker, and bush medicine. You may also be privy to some amazing Aboriginal art. You can also embark upon walkabout tours in Darwin, where there is good conservation of the natural land, and tons of real Australian history to delve into.

 5 things to try Ashram

A Weekend Away In An Ashram

Feel like cleansing all your chakras and what not? Why not book yourself into an Ashram for a weekend, or even a week? Live peacefully as a community, whilst you learn about meditation, and practice yoga daily. You may have to lay off the Hungry Jack’s for a few days, but rest assured, a stint in an Ashram will leave you feeling cleansed, flexible and ready to face 2014. Just search online for your nearest Ashram, but make sure you read reviews before embarking on your quest for inner peace.

 5 Things to try in 2014 cliff diving2

Cliff Diving

An extreme sport not to be taken lightly, cliff diving is one of the most adrenaline-pumping activities on earth, with just you, the water below, and an open drop between you. While most embark on a cliff dive on the ocean’s edge, the cliffs of Kimberley in Western Australia provide great drops into the Ord River. Not only is it much more peaceful and still than the raging waters of the coastline, you are also presented with amazing views of surrounding lakes, gorges and waterfalls. Beware though – this is not for the faint-hearted! At a peak of 80ft, no one wants to challenge such a height without the knowledge of safe cliff diving.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

There are many things to do in Sydney, but one of the most exhilarating is climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Bridge Climb offers three different guided climbs to the centre of the Sydney Bridge. At a height of 134m above the harbour, this is not suitable for those that suffer with vertigo, especially with the dizzyingly amazing views of Sydney once you reach the top. Those that take the climb will need to be wrapped up warmly with appropriate footwear (even in summer!) due to the winds. This isn’t just any old climb, because this isn’t just any old bridge. www.bridgeclimb.com

5 things to try in 2014 hangglideoz

Hang Gliding

Hang gliding over amazing scenery and taking in the vast terra firma that resides below you is a must do for 2014. By taking to the skies you will gain a whole new perspective on the beauty Australia has to offer. Stanwell Park in New South Wales is a popular destination to take a hang gliding tour with HangglideOz, as well as Rex Point Lookout, north of Cairns. An instructor will ascend with you as you glide over stunning coastlines, taking it all in.

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