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A Guide To Ningaloo Reef

A Guide To Ningaloo Reef


Ningaloo Reef is the West’s answer to the Great Barrier Reef and it starts just above Carnarvon. You can find out about the top attractions and things to do with a Guide To Ningaloo Reef Western Australia. Stop off at the Blowholes where you can prize oysters off low-lying rocks while eyeing crayfish swimming below – recreational cray fishing permits are available in season from the Fisheries Department office in Carnarvon. Delicious Nor West Pink Snapper are a common catch here also.

A Guide To Ningaloo Reef

Dive to witness the Whale Sharks


Red Bluff is world famous for its left-hand surfing break and Three Mile Camp, just before Gnarloo, is windsurfer’s heaven. Camping at Red Bluff is do-it-yourself, with caves offering some protection, while Three Mile has a serviced campsite, though only one or two cabins are available. Both Quobba and Gnaraloo Stations offer cheap beds. Make sure to visit the superb Gnaraloo Bay, a five minute walk from the station. Here the public road ends.

A Guide To Ningaloo Reef

Swim with some of the reef’s residents

Permission can be sought from Gnaraloo Station to access Cape Farquhar, with its scattered shacks and fabulous fishing. The next stop up the coast, accessed by turning back via Carnarvon and heading up the highway for a few hours, is Warroora Station and beach – marking the beginning of the protected Ningaloo Marine Park and site of a pelican sanctuary.

Contact Details

For more info call the Carnarvon Visitor’s Centre on 08 9941 1146.

Ningaloo Reef Map

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