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Adele sex tape to be leaked


Adele sex tape to be leakedPaparazzi Jean-Claude Elfassi announces on his blog he will reveal on friday the images from a sextape with singer Adele, no later than tomorrow on his blog, with no censorship whatsoever.

Likewise, gossip magazine Public announces tonight on its website that the front page from its new issue (to be published tomorrow) will be dedicated to this sextape, which is said to have been made by her ex-boyfriend and published as an act of revenge.

Adele, who was successful in the latests Grammy Awards 2012 by winning 6 trophies, is therefore back on the mediatic stage with a video she must never have wished to be published on the internet.

A few days ago the singer published a Tweet saying “I hate papparazzi”. It is certain that she must hate them even more by tomorrow!”

I really hope this is not true. Bless her.

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