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Album Review: Nina Kraviz – Nina Kraviz


Nina Kraviz Album ReviewRussian DJ and producer Nina Kraviz has become an increasingly prominent figure in dance music circles these past few years. The Moscow based beauty has wowed clubbers and industry insiders alike with her distinctive and highly danceable take on deep house and techno, and probably her highly photogenic looks too. Kraviz has already released a number of tracks and EPs on aficionado labels like Underground Quality, Cocoon and BPitch amongst others, and has regularly played DJ sets at the biggest clubs in the world for some time, so is clearly no novice or inexperienced newcomer.

Now Kraviz has a full album’s worth of material ready to throw at us, and her eponymously titled album is due to be put out on Matt ‘Radio Slave’ Edwards’ Rekids label on 27th February 2012.

Devised and recorded over the course of two years or so (mostly in her own Moscow studio), the album more or less solidifies the progress she has made thus far, not deviating too much from the quirky, deep house and emotive atmospheres that have served her so well up until now.

The debut LP features 13 new songs plus the title track of her most recent EP, ‘Ghetto Kraviz’. That song was released last November, so effectively serves as the first single off the album. It is a strange, bass heavy ditty that is punctuated with Kraviz’s rather deadpan vocal delivery and icy synths, and has already become a popular underground club track.

Opener ‘Walking in the Night’ is a spare and minimalistic beginning to the album, and one that is bookended by the equally ambient closer ‘Fire’. There are plenty of stripped down house and ambient textures throughout, as well as more obvious Detroit influenced grooves and hypnotic beats. It is evident that Kraviz has worked hard to try and pull the album together as a cohesive set, and not merely a collection of dance tracks thrown together, having spent the best part of two years composing it and deliberating with the tracklisting. She just about manages the feat, pulling the listener into her own weird little world, and dealing with numerous personal matters on tracks like ‘4 Ben’, and the record is likely to be one that will only appeal to dance music and techno enthusiasts, and will not make much- if any- impact on the popular charts.

Give Ghetto Kraviz a listen for yourself…


By William David Wilson

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