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the inside of a nice bar in australiaFind all of the best bars in Australia including pubs, nightclubs, sports bars, cocktail bars, lounge bars, karaoke bars and small bars. Australia has an old bar culture which goes back to the early days when settlers first began to arrive from the UK and Ireland. The early Australian bars were no more than sheds with a rough culture, poor quality alcohol. Today this is not the case;
many of the traditional Australian bars have been taken down and replaced in the late
nineteenth century with pubs which were based on the style of English pubs, today
most Australian bars are modern, open plan and sophisticated…

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Discover the Best Australian Bars

bar in australia with a martini and blonde barmaid…Australian bars in Sydney one of the first towns to be settled by immigrants from
the UK and Ireland, has a variety of Bars ranging from old world bars to modern.
Every suburb in Sydney will have a bar, however most of the bars are to be
found in the CBD, Darling Harbor, Circular Quay, Oxford Street and King Cross.

There is a concentration of Australian bars in Melbourne, here again there are many
old world pubs in the CBD and surrounding suburbs, there are also many modern bars
competing for business in all areas of this the second largest city in Australia.

Australian bars in the state of Queensland have the same mix or old world, rural
pubs but the major cities like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Cairns have
modern large bars to accommodate the heaving tourist market.

Darwin has an outback feel, the growth of mining in the Northern Territory has
led to some major new development with swanky modern bars, there are however
some old world pubs worth visiting in this small city of a hundred thousand people.

Western Australia only has a population of 2.2 million people, and these people
mostly live in and around Perth. Perth has some old world pubs built at the start of the
twentieth century, however the main CBD area is packed of some of the most modern
bars in the country.

South Australia was the only state to be settled by non indentured migrants and as
such is a sophisticated place with very good Australian Bars.

Clearly there are some great Australian bars in all the states in Australia and you will
not be disappointed.

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