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BBM’s Olympic Jokes


BBM's Olympic JokesWith the Olympics commencing in less than a week we thought it was high time we got our Olympic jokes together for you. So enjoy, sit back and feel free to use our Olympic jokes on your mates. Just remember where you heard em first!

The Official weather supplier to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Stuart, Kingston

The 2012 Olympic Games opening will have great lights, huge bangs and the guaranteed suprise thrown in here and there, the Taliban are confident it’ll be the best one yet. Jason, Richmond

The Olympic flame will not pass through Norwich…
They don’t want to risk the Torch Bearer being tried for Witchcraft. Steve, Bondi

Just got my tickets to the Olympic women’s beach volleyball final!
Unfortunately, it’s Iran versus Saudi Arabia. Chris, Darlinghurst

What’s the difference between the Special Olympics and the Eurovision?
Not much if you close your eyes. Kenny, Kings Cross

According to Sebastian Coe, “There is no greater feeling than representing your country at the Olympics.”

Really? Surely having Angelina Jolie sitting on your cock, whilst you snort coke off Jessica Alba’s tits would feel greater? Will, Surry Hills

I’m entering the Masturbation Tournament in the Olympics this year.
Very stiff competition though. George, Fremantle

That’s the third time I’ve had my application for the Special Olympics declined.
Apparently there’s no such thing as a giant dwarf. Bill, St Kilda

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