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Becoming More Australian: New Book

Becoming More Australian: New Book


Becoming More AustralianSandra Peter’s new book, Becoming More Australian: A guide to the quirks of life Down Under, gives both visitors and new residents an insight into life in the country and getting the best out of life in OZ.

Since arriving to live in Australia from the Netherlands eight years ago, Sandra has very much enjoyed learning about life in Australia.

So much so, she wrote this entertaining and practical guidebook for people to get to grips with everything Aussie.

Becoming More Australian is for those people visiting or now living in Australia who would like to better understand life Down Under, its people and their unique way of life.

Whether you’re in Australia for the first time or you grew up in the Shire, you’ll be amazed by how much there is to know about this deceivingly familiar place.

Becoming More Australian uncovers some fascinating facts and provides all the essentials for living life in this great country, including how to spread your Vegemite, how to tell a kangaroo from a wallaby, how to dress for the Melbourne Cup and why you should drive a Ute.

You’ll also learn how to play the didgeridoo, why Acca Dacca is the greatest band in the world, how to spend Christmas at the beach, play footie, enjoy cricket five days in a row and a whole lot more.

Get your copy and find out how to get to grips with all of Australia’s little quirks!


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