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Best Justin Bieber Jokes For 2013

Best Justin Bieber Jokes For 2013

Justin Bieber jokesJustin Bieber’s shenanigans have been plastered all over the web recently. He doesn’t do himself any favours either. First, he is two hours late for his own concert, then he attacks a photographer and to top it off he writes a self-obsessed message in the guestbook at the Anne Franc House. After arriving late again for his Dubai show, he was attacked on stage by either an adoring fan, or the opposite, a Habieber. We’ve put together some Bieber jokes that will make you chuckle. Sorry Beliebers.

Why is Justin Bieber so pale? Because there’s no sun in the closet.

So first night he’s very late on stage, then two days later Justin Beiber faints. Kudos to his manager, that’s a unique way to promote his tour. May I suggest that tonight someone unplugs his mic?

My mate said “I’d give my left testicle to sing like Justin Beiber.” Me: “You’d have to.”

If the rumours of Justin Bieber smoking weed are true, he’d finally have something in common with a musician.

Apparently only 20% said they were disappointed when Justin Bieber turned up two hours late for his concert. The other 80% were disappointed he turned up.

Thought I’d found the worst thing a father could see in his sons room today when I came across the Justin Bieber DVD…..Then I saw the box of tissues next to it.

I hereby nominate that bloke from Dubai for an honourary knighthood for services to good music for bravely tackling Justin Bieber on stage.

Justin Bieber attacked in dubai while playing the piano…piano was sent crashing to the floor but am glad to report it sustained no serious injury..Unfortunately neither did Bieber.

Have you ever written some shitty fucking song when you were a kid and thought it was really brilliant? Ha ha! Its so funny when you listen back. Justin Bieber didn’t appreciate my criticism.

Justin Bieber tells Finnish journalists that he truly believes that some of his fans died in the factory building collapse in Bangladesh.

Incredibly, what Justin Bieber said about Anne Frank isn’t the worst thing I ever heard come out of his mouth.


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