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Bite-Sized City Break Guides For Travellers Short On Time

Bite-Sized City Break Guides For Travellers Short On Time


It’s all very well planning your city trip away, but sometimes there just isn’t time to read through a whole travel guide. You just need someone to tell you what’s worth seeing, what’s worth skipping, where to stay and how to do it, in the few short days you’re there.

Luckily for us www.sightsofthecity.com has started to do just that. Recognising that busy lives and information overload make it difficult to plan city breaks, they’ve decided to condense travel trips into a few pages, meaning plans can be made in a matter of minutes and even on the go.

The site was created by a leading group of globetrotting young travel professionals who have visited the featured cities, meaning they only include tours and sights they feel truly represent the city in question and that can realistically be seen in a single day if need be.

Their itineraries tend to be relatively packed since the site’s owners are pretty keen on exploring destinations to their fullest, so travellers can certainly break up their one-day itineraries into multiple days should that suit them better.

Each guide provides a compact yet comprehensive overview of each city’s general vibe, layout and highlights. Ranging from tours and attractions to weather, transportation, accommodation and short city profiles – travellers are given simple, co-ordinated and to-the-point information.

In addition to their city guides, they offer one of the most complete online stores for tours, attractions and activities from around the world, often at greatly discounted prices to help everyone save money. Every attraction featured is accompanied by a direct booking link, making it even easier to organise and plan ahead.

Still in its early stages, the site currently features several cities in the United States, including Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Orlando and Oahu. However, the Sights of the City team are in the process of further developing their destination catalogue. They have hinted at the identities of the next additions, with Los Angeles, Miami, Hamburg, London and Hawaii reportedly in the works.

For more information on the site and on each of the featured cities, please visit www.sightsofthecity.com


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