Bob Hawke Downs Pint at SCG Australia vs India Match

Bob Hawke Downs Pint at SCG Australia vs India Match

Bob Hawke Downs Pint at SCG Australia vs India MatchGood ol’ Bob Hawke! This week the former Australian Prime Minister accepted a challenge from a cricket fan to down a pint while watching the second Test between Australia and India at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

In the video filmed on a mobile phone, Bob is stopped by a fan as he is passing through the stands during the fourth and final day’s play of the new year Test.

As he is offered the pint a voice is heard shouting, “One for the country, Robert!”





Without a second of hesitation Mr Hawke takes the drink and finishes it off in one go as fans cheer him on:

Mr Hawke is no stranger to boozy challenges; in his autobiography ‘The Hawke Memoirs’ he recalls setting a new world speed record by drinking two and half pints of beer in 11 seconds during his time at University College, Oxford in 1955.

The clip has left thousands of Aussies beaming with pride, like MattLewis who commented: “This is the single greatest thing I have seen all fucking year. I am so happy to be Australian right now!!!”

And 77Aussie who proclaimed: “Hail the great man! He was probably just in a hurry to get home so he could root the missus for the fifth time that day.”

Nice work Bob, nice work.

By Rebecca Jones

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