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Breaking Bad Jokes 2013

Breaking Bad Jokes 2013


It’s back, thank the TV gods, it’s finally back! If you’re like us, you’re currently spending six days in a corner, rocking back and forth, as you await the next episode for what’s set to be the last of the brilliant Breaking Bad. To help tide you (and us) over, we’ve put together a list of our favourite BB jokes – old-faithful knock knock jokes that are safe to tell around the family – and quotes. Enjoy, bitch!

 Top 5 Breaking Bad Knock-knock Jokes

Who’s there?
Pizza Deliveryman.
Just throw it on the roof.

Who’s there?
Hank who?
No, Hank you for having the courtesy to at least flush after learning your brother-in-law was Heisenberg.

Who’s there?
Champ who?
Champ-who? No, thanks, don’t need it. I’m one of the show’s many bald characters.

Who’s there?
Woo who?
Woo who! Science, bitch!

Who’s there?
Gus who?
Gus Who’s Albuquerque’s meth kingpin? That Pollos Hermanos dude!


Top 5 Breaking Bad Quotes

“Yeah, bitch! Magnets!”

“Just because you shot Jesse James, don’t make you Jesse James.”

“Everyone sounds like Meryl Streep with a gun to their head.”

“Shut the fuck up, and let me die in peace.”

“I am the danger”

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