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Ronaldo Airs His Dirty Laundry


Want to get in Cristiano Ronaldo’s pants? Gareth Bale does. In the most homoerotic twist to the tale of the world’s two most expensive – and slightly effeminate – players, Ronaldo has revealed half the Real Madrid side have been ...

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Moyes Cocks Up Again


There’s been controversy at the Ashes as some of the banter has gone too far. Don’t get excited, it’s real tame. Meanwhile, football managers need to consult their PR teams before speaking to the media and contradicting themselves in two ...

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Footballers’ tweets of the week

football tweets

Infamous for their penchant for tweeting inappropriately we take a look into the mind of the footballer… Mesut Ozil After securing a crucial 1-0 win over Arsenal, Man Utd fans were quick to rub it in; hacking Arsenal midfielder, Mesut ...

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England Commission


The World Cup 2014 is almost upon us and the usual onslaught of how the English youth are failing has been brought forward from its place after a prerequisite dire showing by England at the tournament. A voluntary commission has ...

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Fantasy Football Update 12/11/13


Tim Krul | Newcastle United The Dutch goalie was in sicking form over the weekend making a string of saves. Really it was unfair how good he was…but then you remember it was against Spurs. No doubt his confidence will ...

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