Chav Tulisa tells British Airways to shut the eff up

Chav Tulisa tells British Airways to shut the eff upX-Factor judge and lead singer of N-Dubz Tulisa Contostavlos has denied claims of air rage whilst on a flight from London City Airport to chav holiday capital of the world Majorca, Spain. Apparently Tulisa told a steward on the flight to “Shut the fuck up” after he asked fellow chav of N-Dubz Fazer to turn off his mobile phone for landing. We’re gathering the scene very much played out like most London bus journeys when delightful little pikeys chose to play music out of their phones, probably N-Dubz music. A BA spokesman had appeared to confirm the incident took place, saying: ‘British Airways has a record of an incident on a flight from London City to Palma, Majorca, involving two passengers using mobile phones. A lady in the party who wasn’t using her phone was abusive towards the crew, telling them to leave her friends alone.’

Just shows you can take the girl out of tracksuit bottoms and Reebok Classics, but for God’s sake don’t put her on the tele and give her lots of money.

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