Dinosaur on the Loose in Best Japanese Prank

Dinosaur on the Loose in Best Japanese Prank

dinosaur prankJapanese game shows just keep getting better and better! In a recent quest for the most awesome prank ever a Japanese game show looked to the past for inspiration – 200 million years to be exact.

Using the iconic movie Jurassic Park as a somewhat creative influence, the game show unleashed an amazingly life-like dinosaur on some unsuspecting dude who fled for his life in the office, whilst others watched live. Jumping out of his skin, this guy will definitely become a target for future memes.

If there is still a battle between the sexes then this prank-come-experiment proves that women are more intelligent. One young lady ran away merrily, ending up laughing on the floor, and we can probably guess why.

What scientists have failed to spot over the years has now been discovered by Japanese pranksters – a set of additional legs, not covered in scales, but Levi jeans!

We can’t stop hitting ‘replay’. Hilarious!


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