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Discover Noosa

Discover Noosa


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Sometimes whilst traveling it is actually the smaller, more unspoiled places that really leave a lasting mark and Noosa is a prime example.Noosa is a mere 90 minute drive north of Brisbane and is a perfect get-away from the hustle and bustle of strenuous city life. Coming a long way from its roots as retiring fishing village it is now considered the perfect tourist spot for many summers. Whether it is surfing, the wildlife or simply relaxing on the beach that you are after, well, Noosa can offer it all. With a sufficient amount of shops and cafes at hand you will not find yourself stranded, but the fact that there is not a single high-rise building in view will come as an added relief for many.

Ripe with freshwater lakes, rolling hills, leafy forests and quaint beachside lagoons, the beauty that Noosa evokes is unmatchable and the chance to spot exotic wildlife, including the Koala, in the wild is an experience many can take away and remember forever.

In the evenings Noosa comes alive, to a certain extent, bringing you an ample amount of fun and entertainment to reach your every need. Not only are there a vast selection of lively bars and restaurants on offer, there’s accomodation with bars that transform into a music haven later on which is set to have you dancing till your drop. Come the next day you can easily revert to your previous ways of lying on one of the exquisite beaches and soaking up the rays – what more can you ask for?

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For up to date info on local travel and tourism visit Noosa tourism website by clicking HERE

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