Filipino man undergoes multiple operations to look like Superman

Filipino man undergoes multiple operations to look like SupermanSeriously we despair at the state of mankind at times when we hear shit like this. 35-year-old Herbert Chavez has undergone several surgical procedures including surgery on his nose, cheeks, lips, chin and thighs, as well as injections to whiten his skin. He now looks like a weird slightly oriental Dean Caine. Having been obsessed with Superman since he was a child, Chavez has accumulated a large amount of Superman memorabilia. Working as a dress designer by day, however sporting Clark Kent’s thick rimmed glasses, Chavez also fancies himself a bit of a superhero, but his super power is teaching children good values rather than saving toppling buildings with his bare hands (since you can’t get super-human strength implants as yet). Commenting on his contribution to society, Chavez said, “We should show them that even if you’re just a regular father or mother, anybody can become a superhero.” We assume children run screaming in terror when he tries to talk to them.

What we don’t understand is why Herbert Chavez says he’s a fan of Superman when clearly he’s dedicated to Michael Jackson, what with all the skin lightening, nose jobs, and talking to children.

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