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Fun Times With Kigu Onesies

From dancing at festivals to playing squash, looking like a giant baby in a Kigu onesie is not something anyone is ashamed of. Kigus are adult sized one-piece animal bodysuits. You can look like a flying squirrel, a plain and simple chicken or the Queen’s favourite pet Corgi too.

Behind the Kigu team, Nick and Tom started out this craze when at Brighton uni and went on a hunting mission to find them…all the way in the Shibuya area of Tokyo Japan. Sick of seeing the same old chicken, sailor and pirate costumes at every festival and fancy dress party, they wanted something unique, comfortable and still have cash left to buy several drinks at events instead of wasting it away at a party outfit.

Kigu is short for Kigurumi meaning ‘costumed animal character’ in Japanese. They are great for fancy dress but also for making people stop and stare at you whilst doing everyday activities. Check the amusing video ‘Kigus On Tour-Marbella’ here:

At BBM we don’t ever supply scientific evidence but this quote is needed to save masculinity. Evolutionary biologist Dr Emma Bradford said: “The modern world’s diminished need for physical strength has left men struggling to adjust. Penises may exist for another couple of generations, but thanks to the onesie the concept of man is officially dead.” She continues: “Technological advances mean that it is now pretty much possible to make a baby from silicone. Given the choice between a Petri dish full of translucent matter and a genital organ that has been in a fluffy jumpsuit, I’m going with the fertile goo and my antique vibrator.” Oh no, Petri dishes to replace penises?

With the Kigu guys saying in an interview that they eat high-class Turkish kebabs, go shopping and experiment with ice cream makers in their spare time, are the onesies sucking out the manliness of men?

Oh how men’s dress sense have changed since the cavemen times. Boys, you can wear the Kigu outfits but please go and pick yourself a copy of Men’s Fitness this month to compensate for your lack of masculinity those Kigus are giving you!

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By Yasmin Yip


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