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Incredible Table Tennis Shot

table tennis shot

We’ve all seen some truly incredible shots throughout every sport that involves hitting a ball and sure they’re impressive. But, this guy has to take the crown for best shot in any sport in history! Table Tennis is possibly one ...

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Death Of Ferrero Rocher Inventor

ferrero rocher

  As anyone who’s tasted Ferrero Rocher will know, ambassador receptions are noted for their host’s exquisite taste that captivates and spoils his guests. Sadly, for lovers of high society and overly-priced-and-excessively-wrapped chocolates, the only thing he’ll be spoiling now ...

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That Payday Feeling

That Pay Day Feeling

  The best day of the month for everyone out there is Payday and we all love to see our bank balance looking good but not as much as these guys! At the end of the month when you’ve been working ...

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Koala Tries To Drive The Family Car

Koala Drive

  One major problem with this story is that clearly the animal just doesn’t ‘koala-fications’ to be behind the wheel! Apologies for that fantastic pun, it couldn’t go without being written. On his way back from school, 15-year-old Sam Box ...

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Wayne Rooney Dive Debate

Wayne Rooney Dive Debate

  After the final whistle was blown at the Deepdale stadium to call an end to the Fifth Round FA Cup tie between Preston North End FC and Manchester United, one incident was on the lips off every football fan. ...

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