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    Rama-Damn Tesco! You Messed Up

    girl taking inventory in tesco

    “We are proud to offer a wide range of meals and products to meet the needs of our customers during Ramadan.” That’s nice so what is Tesco promoting for Ramadan? Ah, Pringles! That’s not so bad, because “once you pop…” ...

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    King Kong Is Big In Japan


    Off to Japan and it’s guaranteed that you will come across some random and strange news story. Eyebrows are always raised when Japan is involved in anything especially when you understand how weird they can get over the slightest craze. ...

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    Dogging: A Love Story

    dogging on leash only sign

    Apparently a large percentage of Brits have a freaky side that even R Kelly would be shocked by, although nobody was honest enough to pissing on their sexual partners. So Kells, you’re still the King of The Golden Shower. When ...

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    10 Kanye Quotes To NOT Live By

    Kanye west loves himself

    Kanye West is probably more known for his questionable quotes than his actual music. After his recent headlining appearance at Glastonbury, it made us think to create this list of Kanye quotes for future reference of things to never say. ...

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    Old School Fail Compilation

    Funny old school fail videos

    We’ve all had one of those days where life was just not going our way. Whether it was because of clumsiness or a wardrobe malfunction, we’ve all been there. But that doesn’t mean watching other people have a horrible day ...

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    Dogs VS. Cats

    Hilarious videos of dogs being scared by cats

    There is a common misconception about cats being scared of dogs when it is actually the other way round. Although dogs are usually bigger, they are sweeter at heart and this video shows this perfectly. Check out the video of ...

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