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    Chimpanzee Busting Shapes

    Bruno Mars dancing with his chimpanzees

    The dance floor is always a place that leaves you with mix memories. Whether you’ve got the moves or not it is always the best place to let loose and unleash your inner dancer! Even in the animal kingdom, there ...

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    Slip N Flip Drinking Game

    Summer drinking game

    If you’re a big on drinking games and are getting bored of beer pong, like that is even possible, then here is the drinking game for you! Check out this hilariously brilliant clip of friends enjoying their weekend in the ...

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    Thug Life Of A Two Year Old

    Thug Life Of A Two Year Old

    The thug life has spread throughout the world, from people, animals, cartoons and now even taking over the innocence of children! We’re not complaining, far from it. These videos only get funnier and when little Hugo was taken out on ...

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    When The Trap Beat Drops

    breaking out dance moves on the dance floor like...

    You’re in the club, scoping out the place on the look out for some birds and generally having a good time. But when the trap beat drops there’s only one thing you’ve got on your mind! You’ve got to hit ...

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    Awesome Prank Call

    Hilarious pigeon prank call

    If you love a good viral video and enjoy hilarious prank calls then we have the perfect clip for you! Check out this brilliant prank call where the guy calls up a pest control company, but we guess the employee ...

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    Man Runs After Camel In Abu Dhabi

    Man chases after his camel in Abu Dhabi

    You thought that there was no topping the internet sensation, that was Fenton The Dog but when you switch up the scenario things can only get funnier! Bring the scneario to Abu Dhabi, replacing Fenton’s owner with a native man ...

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    A Mine Of Useful Information

    Minecraft Game

    BBM doesn’t know much about this Minecraft game. We’re a bit too long in tooth for all that business. For starters, we use phrases like “long in the tooth”. Whatever happened to the simple old-fashioned games of BBM’s youth, like ...

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    The Phoney War Rages On

    android vs iphone

    It’s a question that baffled the ancient Geeks and confounded the pharaohs of old Egypt: which is better, Android or Apple? Scholars and philosophers have grappled with this communication conundrum since the beginnings of civilisation, and it seems the debate ...

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    Locked In A Loveless Marriage

    ball and chain marriage

    Every heterosexual man will have used the phrase “the old ball and chain” at some time in his life. Josef Fritzl probably took it a little too literally, but otherwise it’s the kind of harmless casual sexism men like to ...

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