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Jimmy Carr Australian Tour 2016

jimmy carr

Award winning comedian Jimmy Carr is set to return to Oz in January and kick off 2016 with his new show Funny Business. The British comic has been dubbed a ‘comedy hero’ by proving he is no stranger to crude ...

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Fine Mess Over Bus Ticket

no parking sign

Like seagulls swooping to steal chips from your hand at Manly wharf, it seems arsehole parking rangers are becoming ever bolder with their ridiculous ticket-slapping antics, following the news that one of them gave a bus a fine for waiting ...

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Flipping The Bird

parrot bird

A swearing parrot’s reign of rudeness has been cut short after the foul-mouthed feathered friend was arrested by police for verbally abusing an old woman. Hariyal the parrot pecked off more than he could chew when he unleashed a four-letter ...

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Work Skiver Caught Napping

german shepherd and dalmation napping

There’s only so many times you can tell work your grandma just died as an excuse to pull a sickie. Any more than twice and you’re pushing it. So hats off to a Florida woman who really thought outside the ...

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Commuter Courtesy Takes A Back Seat

angry woman about to throw bag

As a regular commuter to work, BBM has some pet peeves when it comes to fellow travellers on public transport. Whether it’s young ‘uns listening to music without headphones on, people in front of you who pause when they get ...

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This Tree Grows 40 Different Fruits

40 different fruit tree

If you’re a fruit nut, then this is going to blow your mind. Artist and Professor at Syracuse University, Sam Van Aken, has created multi-fruiting trees through using “chip grafting” to create trees that each bear 40 different varieties of ...

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Dopey Dealer Busted By Potty Photo

richard edmunds cannabis

They may not exactly have the greatest reputation in the community, but you have to be pretty smart to run your own large-scale hydroponic cannabis operation while avoiding the attention of the authorities. There’s a lot of science involved, a lot ...

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