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    Girl Makes A Dolphin Laugh

    dolphin laugh

    Going to see the marine life at a park is always a fantastic experience as you witness the live entertainment and gaze upon the creatures in awe. One girl wasn’t content with just being entertained by the dolphins swimming around, ...

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    Relaxing Easter Bunny Bath

    Easter Bunny

    We’ve all enjoyed an amazing and relaxing Bank Holiday Weekend but, now sadly we’re all back to work. As we all took a much needed break, the bunnies were working super hard getting everything sort out our Easter Egg hunts ...

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    Mo Monkeys Mo Problems

    Mo Monkeys, Mo Problems

    A gold-digging chimp in India has sparked outrage among a wealthy couple’s relatives after they changed their will so that the monkey gets everything when they die. Oddballs Brajesh Srivastava and wife Shabista were ostracised by their families when they ...

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    Serving Time In Loo

    serving time

    If you’re going to plead “insanity” in court to get off some pretty serious charges, you really have to commit to the role. So move over Daniel Day-Lewis and Sean Penn, because American armed robber Andrew Gilbertson has raised the ...

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    One Night In Bangkok


    Getting blind drunk and waking up with a Thai ladyboy is a rite of passage for every man. In fact it’s a weekly occurrence for BBM. But a couple of blokes in Middlesbrough took drunken debauchery to new levels last ...

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    Keep Your Hair On


    If you can turn a frown upside down, then surely, by that head-spinning logic, you can also turn a beard into a wig. If you don’t believe us then, frankly, you’re of sound mind. But one man who dared to ...

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