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Graeme Swann Wants One-Day Cricket Scrappe


Graeme Swann Wants One-Day Cricket ScrappeEngland spinner Graeme Swann has said that he would like to see one-day cricket scrapped because he believes too much cricket is being played, and that Twenty20 and Test cricket are the formats of the future.

‘I think one-day cricket will have to give at some point, hopefully for everyone,’ Swann told BBC Sport. ‘I don’t think that game should carry on for much longer.’

‘We do play too much cricket and if something had to give my choice would be 50-over cricket, or make it 40-over cricket or something,’ Swann added before receiving no sympathy.

Swann also expressed dismay that the 2013 World Test Championships have been postponed until 2017, and has called the decision ‘short-sighted’.

‘This is frustrating because being English we rate Test cricket above and beyond anything else, and certainly the Champion’s trophy,’

His calls are likely to fall on deaf ears, as the ICC will be reluctant to give up the income one-day provides, and possibly because nobody believes that cricket is as exhausting as Swann thinks it is.

By Peter Simpson

Twitter: @weasel_delight

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