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Hybrid Interview


Hybrid InterviewSince exploding onto the Dance music scene in 1999 with their, now classic, album ‘Wide Angle’ Hybrid have achieved phenomenal success and worldwide notoriety. In the time since forming, the band has expanded their line-up to include Charlotte James whose vocals add a certain depth and edge to Hybrid’s sound. Founder Chris Healings took the time to chat with BBMLive about Hybrid’s upcoming show at Chinese Laundry, new music and what keeps the band staying strong after over a decade in the business.

Hi Chris, how are you?

Great, thanks. Hope you’re the same…

Where in the world are you right now?

In my studio which is in my garden. In fact it’s called ‘Dog House Studios’ can you guess why?

What first made you want to get into the music industry?

The love of all types of music and it’s creation.

Who would you say are the best artists you’ve collaborated with?

Perry Farrell (Vocals on Dogstar), Peter Hook (Bass Gtr on True to Form, Julie Crusie ( Vocals Wide Angle Album), John Graham (Vocals on Choke,Until Tomorrow), Andrew Skeet (Orchestrator for 2 of our albums), City of Prague/Russian radio and TV/Hermitage orchestras.

You’re over in Australia for what’s set to be a huge month for Dance music in Sydney with Chinese Laundry. What do you think it is about Laundry that has made it such a success over the years?

Really Good clubs have to have the following ingredients: good forward thinking management, great choice of talent coming in, great sound system and most important the people who make the club night. Laundry has been blessed with these since it started. Let’s hope that things never change as it would be a tragedy .

Where’s your favourite place to go to in Australia?

Green island, even though i do find it a bit scary being on a small island with all those crocs.

Last time we spoke, you said you had a ‘mini-album on the go’, is that going to be released?

That mini album is still on the go and taking some time as we keep getting offered really good Film/video game projects…….In the last 12 months we have worked on Total Recall/ Fast and Furious 6/ Dead in Tombstone and are just finishing a driving game called #Driveclub, which gets released for they Playstation 4. We do have some singles almost ready to come out so they are next. They are linked to the #Driveclub project so expect to see them same timeas the game release…

The last album release we had from you was in 2010, with ‘Disappear Here’. Can you let us in on when we can expect a new, full-length Hybrid album?

Next year, as our lovely Charlotte is due to have a baby real soon.

Is there a song that you’re dying to remix? Is there a remix that you wish you’d done?

Well there is and it’s really very exciting as we’ve just been given the parts for some of them. Artist’s like Rolling Stones, The Clash, Stevie Wonder and Joy Division are a few of the artists we will be remixing and playing out for the first time on these Australian dates.

You worked with director Tony Scott quite a few times on film scores, what was he like to work with? Do you have a funny memory of something he said/did that will always stick out?

The man was a true inspiration and legend, it really upsets me to think we will never see anymore of his new work. ‘Man on Fire’ is one of my all time favourite films ever and he was a true master of his trade and a lovely man. He once fell asleep in our studio on a late night session whilst still smoking his trade mark ‘Monte Cristo’ cigars. We didn’t like to wake him and only did when the cigar was about to burn his lips. Never seen a man smoke and sleep at the same time. LEGEND…

What’s your favourite event to play at, one that can’t compare to anywhere else?

Glastonbury, Burning Man ,Chinese Laundry and my 40th Birthday – four day party and four day recovery time FYI.
As you have such an extensive back catalogue to choose from, how do you go about putting together a set list?
It seems to get harder and harder finding music I like to play, that’s why I’ll still play something that’s six months old. If it’s a killer tune and nothing else has come out to take it’s place, well I’ll keep playing that killer tune, thanks. I also like to play the Hybrid classics but will always have something unheard from us to play.

You’ve been described as ‘wax wizards’. After going for over 14 years, what’s the secret behind Hybrid’s ‘magic’?

I think it’s all about the quality control. Also, we don’t just put something out just to put something out, it has to be just right and if it’s not, well we start again.

Are there any new artists out there at the moment that you think we should keep an eye out for?

I just did a new mix called ‘Hybrid Black Treacle Summer Mix Tape’. It’s a bass heavy mix and a bit different for us but has some killer tracks on from people like Organikismness/ Empereor and Koven. On a more Hybrid Sound system dirty Techno tip people like Smak/ Simon Shackelton and Borderline are floating my boat. And I have a big boat!

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2013?

No more film or game scores just new Hybrid music.

By Lucie Potter

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