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    Okay you need a laugh..who doesn’t!
    BBM jokes is here to save the day!
    Have a good ole chuckle at the best of our jokes and the jokes our readers have sent in each week. Plenty of one liners, long stories, blonde jokes and just pure all out madness!

    7 Best Jokes This May


    Two old women were sitting on a park bench. A man wearing a trench coat walks up and flashes them. One of the old women immediately had a stroke. The other old woman couldn’t reach. Evie, Melbourne A little boy ...

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    7 Best Jokes This April

    Boris Johnson pulling a face

    Here are some of April’s best jokes that we’ve decided to share! Go on, you know you want to have a sneak peak.    Lost my watch at a party. Then I saw a guy stepping on it while harassing my ...

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    Top Ten Irish Jokes

    Six Natations Ireland vs Scotland Preview

    With St Patricks day coming up, we thought it might a great idea to find some of the best Irish jokes out there. Check these crackers out!    What’s the difference between God and Bono? God doesn’t wander around Dublin ...

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    New Year Jokes To Kick Off 2016

    new year jokes 2016

    Celebrate the start of 2016 laughing your arse off with these New Year jokes. My New Year’s Resolution is to have more sex. I haven’t told my cellmate yet, though. 1st January and already the hottest day of the year ...

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    Christmas 2015 Jokes

    christmas jokes

    To get you in the holiday spirit, here are our favourite Christmas jokes for 2015. I wanted my stepdaughter to play with the rabbit I bought her for Christmas, but her mother said that sex toys weren’t an appropriate gift ...

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    Halloween 2015 Jokes

    sick pumpkin

    It’s that time of year again;  fancy dress shops make a killing, kids need an extra visit to the dentist and everyone looks a little worse for wear. Yes, chaps, we’re talking Halloween, and in the spirit of the not-so-festive ...

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    5p Plastic Bag Jokes

    man with supermarket bags

    The Plastic Bag Tax across England begun on 5th October and chaos commenced pretty quickly. To calm everyone down and make light of the damn situation, here are some plastic bag jokes. Enjoy! Plastic bags are worth 5p? I could ...

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    iPhone 6S Jokes

    iphone 6s

    It’s been a few weeks since yet another iPhone was thrust into our lives and the jokes just keep on coming. Here are the best ones we’ve discovered since the iPhone 6S was released. My mate was telling me about ...

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