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    Kangaroo Island Tour Deals

    Explore & Book Kangaroo Island Tours Deals

    Can't wait to check out the deals we have for Kangaroo Island tours then click through to start exploring. All tours are available to book online right now. Read up on the amazing things to do around Kangaroo Island, from adventure tours, to wine tours, camping and more, Kangaroo Island is just a stone's throw away from Adelaide but a totally new world. One of Australia's true natural gems, packed with history, culture and unique wildlife, we challenge you not be amazed by this stunning Island.


    Find your feet on the Island with an organized tour such as Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours’ 2 day tour Wilderness Explorer Tour departing from Adelaide for just $399 per person (usually $449) with dorm option only - valid for travel from now until 15th September 2017. This tour includes everything from wildlife, to meals, entry fees to attractions and accommodation.

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    Kangaroo Island

    The list of reasons to visit Kangaroo Island are seemingly endless and if you are planning on heading to South Australia, then you’ll be pleased to know that this exotically named island is just a stone’s throw from Adelaide (the gateway to Australia’s premier wine region – so, yes another reason not to miss SA off your itinerary!). Even better, we’ve found this great Kangaroo Island Tour Deal for you with KI's premium operator, Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours.

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    Getting to Kangaroo Island

    Taking the ferry over to Kangaroo Island, you’ll immediately be confronted by the natural beauty of the place. Endless stretches of beach, craggy dramatic rocks, rolling green hills and dense bushland all just waiting to be explored…

    If time is of the essence whilst you’re visiting Kangaroo Island, then one of the best ways to see the best of this 4,405 km² island is on a small group tour. This way you won’t miss out on any of the major attractions on the island, and will also have the option to meet some like-minded fellow travellers which is great if you’re travelling solo.​

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    Discover the ultimate things to do on Kangaroo Island

    When visiting Kangaroo Island there are a few locations that you absolutely have to tick of your itinerary with our bucket list including The Remarkable Rocks, Seal Bay, Admirals, Admirals Arch and Little Sahara.

    The Remarkable Rocks are where you will find a cluster of enormous boulders that owe their “remarkable” appearance to 500 million years of rain and wind sculpting them into the impressive formations you see today in the Flinders Chase National Park.​

    ​Admirals Arch is another impressive rock formation that has also been formed from natural erosion over the course of several thousands of years to create a distinctive rock bridge. It’s from here that you can also get a glimpse of the New ZealandLong-Nosed Fur Seal colony that have made their home here on the rocks below the arch. below this on the beach.

    At Seal Bay it will probably come as no surprise that you’ll be able to get your fill of the local wildlife as the sandy beach plays host to the one of the four largest colonies of Australian Sea Lions in the world. But it’s not just sea lions you’ll find here. 

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    Little Sahara

    Little Sahara presents the perfect destination on the island for adrenaline junkies as it’s here that you can surf and toboggan down the enormous sand dunes that cover 2 square kilometres of the island with the highest sand dune reaching 70 metres above sea level.

    With all the above destinations making up just a handful of the things to do and see whilst on the island, we can assure you that it’s well worth adding Kangaroo Island to your Australia bucket list.​

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    Wining & Dining On Kangaroo Island

    South Australia is famous for its incredible cuisine, but for something a little extra special, hop on over to Kangaroo Island for a culinary expedition.

    With Kangaroo Island being one of the premier food and drink exporters in the entire country foodies are well at home when it comes to the local produce.

    A pristine island, complete with fertile land, crystal clear waters and no pollution means the produce grown here is of the highest quality. From fresh crayfish, snapper and whiting, to sweet honey and smooth wines, food and drink is an exceptional experience to be had on Kangaroo Island.

    Book Kangaroo Island Tours from $399 pp

    Valid for travel from 15 May to 15 September 2017

    For tours itineraries, offers and information on visiting Kangaroo Island visit visit Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours website:

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