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Labrinth Tries New Spotify iPad App


Here at BBM, we love Spotify so we couldn’t be more happy to hear about the new Spotify app for the iPad. The digital music service gives you access to an estimated 18 million songs and they are now even easier to browse and explore using the iPad app. Multiple views on your iPad’s screen allow you to search for playlists, users and music simultaneously. Whilst listening to your music, you can have that DJ effect from the gapless playback and crossfade. Airplay integration means you’ll be able to boom box your favourite music at that house party through your AirPlay-enabled speakers or Apple TV box. Bonus.

Your social media list will be upped yet again with the Spotify App as you link your account and share your music tastes with one another via Facebook and Twitter. You can be in the know with music that’s trending through the #NowPlaying hashtags. See the promo video here:

UK artist Labrinth has given this new app a test on his own iPad. He is impressed by the full resolution HD display of sharp, richer coloured images: “As an artist I love the way my music is presented so slickly. Artwork is really important to me, and in Spotify’s iPad app it’s like it’s popping off the screen.”

See the video here of Labrinth trying out the Spotify iPad app and in addition he discusses touring and his music:

Get downloading now. Spotify for iPad is available in the App Store now: http://itunes.apple.com/app/spotify/id324684580?mt=8

To use Spotify for iPad you’ll need a Spotify Premium subscription. Non-subscribers can sign up to our 30-day Spotify Premium free trial to check out the app today!www.spotify.com/freetrial

By Yasmin Yip

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