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London Marathon Runner Dies


Side stitches, aches or pains in the legs are what you would expect to experience after racing through a gruelling 26.2 miles. The last thing you’d worry about in a marathon would be death. However, London’s recent marathon saw a runner die and those investigators still don’t know how this has happened. Good news is that big-hearted people out there are still donating to the Samaritans, the charity she was running for before she died and over a staggering £720,000 has been raised. Oh, you generous souls!

On a brighter note, Prince Harry was interviewed whilst he lazily watched others run the race. He also put his mouth in it when he mentioned that his older sibling Prince William and wife Princess Kate Middleton would run the London marathon next year, with a look of not having actually heard those words come out his brother and sister-in-law. Well Harry if Kate Middy is preggers next year, we’ll be wanting to see you running it.

But being pregnant hasn’t stopped one previous runner completing a marathon, as a few years back a women gave birth after a few mere hours after running the Chicago Marathon and said through panda looking eyes that ‘it was the longest day of my life’. Bet it was, what were you thinking putting yourself through the torment of running whilst you are 39 weeks pregnant!

The well known record holder for the marathon Paula Radcliffe was not seen at the starting line of yet another marathon. Let’s see if she will actually be running the race in the 2012 Olympics instead of making excuses like not being ‘100% fit’ or not running weeks after she has had a baby. Did I not just mention a woman ran the marathon WHILST being pregnant? She also says I am not on my last legs’ – and we hope not to see your opened legs again as in your 2005 marathon peeing on the roadside! We weren’t going to let that one slide.

Why not give a marathon a go this year so there will be no need for that next New Year resolution of getting fit? Running through the world’s most scenic cities can make sweating your face off a lot more enjoyable so try the Sydney marathon and see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House or run the half marathon on the same day (16th September 2012). The Melbourne marathon will be on October 14th – take your pick and start training.

If you are in the UK and you feel like a lesser distance to run try the Bupa Great North 10K Run on July 22nd 2012 in NewcastleGateshead. Register now and get some of those toned legs and arms you dream of!

By Yasmin Yip

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