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Love letter arrives 53 years late

Love letter arrives 53 years late


A love letter written by an American college student in 1958 has been found in a university

The student, known only as ‘Vonnie’, wrote the letter to her boyfriend Clark C. Moore in
Pennsylvania, who is now 74, has changed his name to Muhammad Siddeeq and lives in Indianapolis.

Mr Siddeeq, a retired teacher, revealed that he and his girlfriend wrote to each other when he was
studying science at the California University of Pennsylvania, and they eventually married and had
four children before divorcing. Despite mixed emotions about the letter, he was eager to read it
after a friend watched a TV report about it and contacted the university’s sorting office.

He called the letter “a testament of the sincerity, interest and innocence of that time”. University
spokeswoman Christine Kindl has sent Mr Siddeeq the letter with a university t-shirt, saying ‘’He said
if he didn’t get that package within the next 53 years, he would call to complain.”

Royal Mail have contacted the university to ask for tips on efficiency.

By Jonathan Anderson

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