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Outlook Festival Announces Global Club Tour


Outlook Festival Announces Global Club TourEurope’s biggest Bass Music & Soundsystem Culture festival is embarking on a huge global launch party club tour this spring and will be bringing a little taste of Croatia to a city near you!

Outlook Festival, which runs from 30TH August – 3rd September is set against a backdrop of the stunning region of Istria, Croatia in a breathtaking abandoned fort. The Outlook site looks like something from a lost world and boasts the most unique festival site in Europe, if not the world. Located on a peninsula surrounded by crystal clear Adriatic waters, Outlook combines sun soaked beach parties by day and all night raving up at the fort when the sun sets! The legendary Outlook boat parties will also be setting sail with some of the most exciting artists, labels and promoters in Bass Music.

This year Outlook Festival packs its bags with some of their favorite artists and will be hitting a city near you! With numerous launches planned across major cities in the UK Outlook will also reach out to the bustling scenes across Europe heading to France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Denmark and Germany to name a few.

Beyond the stable of European cities, Outlook launch parties will find their way across Asia to some new destinations. For the fist time we see Outlook Festival join forces with the budding music scene in India with dates in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Heading further east Outlook makes its first appearance in Hong Kong and returns to Tokyo, Japan for the second time.

Heading south from Asia, Outlook Festival reaches its furthest destination on the shores of Australia and New Zealand. On the other side of the globe Bass Music has found new roots in both these countries where Outlook Festival has an avid following. For the Australian leg of the tour Outlook Festival will travel from Perth all the way to Adelaide, Brisbane and down to Melbourne. New Zealand will host Outlook Festival in Christchurch, Dunedin and the city of Auckland making these launch parties a rare event for those not able to make the journey to Croatia.

Outlook Global Club Tour Dates:

21st Jan, Uk, London

Ewer St Car Park

8th Feb, Uk, Oxford

The Cellar

10th Feb, Uk, Nottingham

Basslaced @ Stealth

Shy Fx ,Newham Generals Ft D Double E & Footsie, Channel One Sound System, The Others, Youngman, Phaeleh, The Heatwave

Top Cat, General Roots, Lady Leshurr, Roxxxan, Rtkal”

11th Febuary, Italy, Florence

Numa Crew @ Viper Theatre

Skream & Pokes

16th February, India, Delhi

Krunk @ Tlr Cafe

Brother Culture + Quoc I Sound Liberation Front + Reggae Rajahs

17th February, Isreal, Tel Aviv

Submob @ Levontin 7

Submob, Nasty Habit, Red Eye, Rauch

17th Febuary, Lithuania, Vilnius

Dubstep.Lt @ Loftas

Author (Live), Jack Sparrow, Ruckspin

29th February, Norway, Oslo

All Out Dubstep @ Blå

Koan Sound

1st March, Sweden, Stockholm

All Out Dubstep @ Göta Källare

Koan Sound

2nd March, Uk, Swindon

Dubs:Tek @ Suju Nightclub

Heatwave, Marcus Nasty

2nd March, Australia, Perth

Mizhap & Bba @ Shape Bar

Icicle, Spectrasoul, Kryptic Minds, Ulterior Motive

2nd March, Sweden, Gothenburgh

All Out Dubstep @ Sticky Fingers

Koan Sound

3rd March, Sweden, Malmo

All Out Dubstep @ Inkonst

Koan Sound

3rd March, New Zealand, Auckland

Shift @ Studio

Dieselboy, Ulterior Motive, Kryptic Minds, Spectrasoul, Icicle

3rd March, Italy, Recanati

Venue: Extra Alternative Club

Lineup: Tbc

3rd March, Poland, Wroclow

Dogz Digz @ Log:In

Rockwell, Beg, Macbeat, Brav, Dt, Vj

7th March, New Zealand, Dunedin

Bba @ Sammy’s

Icicle, Spectrasoul, Kryptic Minds, Ulterior Motive

8th March, New Zealand, Christchurch

Bba @ Tbc Venue

Icicle, Spectrasoul, Kryptic Minds Ulterior Motive

8th March, Uk, Cardiff

C-Y-N-T @ Clwb Ifor Bach

Gentlemans Dub Club Soundsystem, F-Block Live, Resolute, Quartz

9th March, Australia, Adelaide

Bba @ Hq Complex

Icicle, Spectrasoul, Kryptic Minds, Ulterior Motive

9th March, Hungary, Budapest

Bladerunnerz @ Corvinteto

Younsta & Ant Tc1

10th March, Australia, Brisbane

Bba @ Jubilee Hotel

Icicle, Spectrasoul, The Upbeats, Organikismness, Crushington (Live), Soulware

10th March, Italy, Bologna

Venue: Link Club

Jenna G, S.P.Y, Jack Sparrow, Dubsidia

11th March, Australia, Melbourne

Bba @ Tbc Venue

Kryptic Minds, Icicle Ulterior Motive, Spectrasoul, The Upbeats, Organikismness, Optimus Grime

13th March, Uk, Sheffield

Tuesday Club @ Foundry & Fusion

Submotion Orchestra & Planas

15th March, Uk, Newcastle

Interia @ World Hq


17th March, Bulgaria, Sofia

True Badness @ 4km

Benny Page, Mensah, Badklaat, Mc Jila

17th March, Ukraine, Kiev

Monstabass @ Tbc Venue

Zed Bias

23rd March, Uk, Birmingham

Seedy Sonics @ The Rainbow Warehouse

Reso, Phaeleh, Aries, Reeps One, Ulterior Motive, Messy Mc

23rd March, Uk, Bristol

Tokyo Dub @ Motion

Iration Steppas Sound System, O.B.F. Soundsystem (France), Kanaka (Live), The Bug Ft. Daddy Freddy, Phaelah, Radikal Guru, Alhpa Steppa, Vibration Lab, Dub Terror, Riddim Tuffa, Killagram, Bad Company, Kenny Ken, Remarc, Serial Killaz, Aires, Moose, Spliff Unit, More Rockers, Joe Peng, 2 Kings, Lionpulse Sound, J Man, Duskky, Ekkotar.

24th March, Malta

Statix @ Liquid Club


23rd March, Germany, Leipzig

The Distillery @ Distillery

Jahtari, Maffi, Mr. Williamz, Firehouse Crew, Von D, Sencha & Peak Phine

23rd March, India, Mumbai

Krunk @ Bonobo

Alix Perez, Bay Beat Collective (Bbc), Ox7gen

24th March, Romania, Bucharest

Arena Dnb @ Gent

Jenna G, Phaeleh

24th March, India, Banglalore

Krunk @ Bacchus

Alix Perez

30th March, Belgium, Brussels

Je M’en Fish @ Recyclart

Cloud Boat Live, Raffertie, Slugabed, Phaeleh

30th March, Italy, Milan

Giant Bass @ Magnolia


30th March, Scotland, Edinburgh

Big Toe’s Hifi @ The Caves

Mungos Hifi, Riddim Tuffa Sound, Big Toes Hifi Soundsystem

31st March, Belgium, Gent

Star Wars @ Vooruit

Subreachers B2b Svb, Tasha, Dub Phizix, Need For Mirrors, Friction, Ulterior Motive B2b Rido, Preshab2b Jubei, One87 & Mush, Lowqui & Drs

4th April, Ireland, Dublin

Strangeways/Here We Come! @ The Lost Society

Sukh Knight

4th April, Denmark, Copenhagen

Ohoi @ Tbc

Lineup Tbc

6th April, Bosnia, Sarajevo

Kontra @ So.Ba

Ant Tc1

7th April, Uk, Maidstone

Dubbed Out @ The Loft

Friction, Joker, Roska, Girl Unit, Newham Generals, Roska, Subscabe, J Kenzo


April 8th, England, Southend

The Dubateers @ Tbc Venue

N-Type, Kromestar, Son Of Selah, Sukh Knight (True Tiger), Benny Page, Jack Sparrow, Mc Ak, Format, Many Faces, Northern Lights, Bad Content, Dubateers &Charlie P, Iration Steppas & Danman, Mungo’s Hi-Fi (Scotchbonnet), Chungo Bungo, Logan Sama, Blacks, M.I.K, Big-O, Iceman, Harman.


16th April, Uk, Manchester

Hit N Run @ Fact251

Iration Steppas, Remarc,Author Dj Set, Phaelah

20th April, Uk, Leicster

Kontact @ The Music Cafe

Lineup Tbc

20th April, Slovakia, Bratislava

Uprising @ Gent

Lineup Tbc

21st April, Poland, Poznan

Bassbitch @ Pavillion Gasworks

Boddika, Neil Landstrumm, Phaeleh,Feelaz (Extension/Bassbitch), Miz (Dubside/Bassbitch)”

21st April, Uk, Bath

Instinct Events @ Moles

Roska, Octane & Dlr

21st April, Italy, Turin

Midnight Resitance Hifi @ Cap 10100


27th April, Uk, Bangor

Locked Soundsystem @ Rascals


27th April, Spain, Grenada

Subdivision @ Sala El Ten

David Boomah, Aries Aka Chopstick Dubplate, Kelvin 373, J. Zoomba

27th April, France, Lyon

Venure: Ninkasi Kao

27th April, Poland, Sopot

Addiction @ Przestrzen A1

Makoto & Deeism, Ros

28th April, Poland, Warsaw

Addiction @ 1500m2

Makoto & Deeizm

28th April, Uk, Leeds

Exodus / Dmz @ Vox Warehouse

Digital Mystikz, Loefah, Iration Steppas Sound System

28th April, England, Plymouth

Unleashed @ White Rabbit

Headliner Tbc, Subscape, Alix Perez, Lil Silva, Commix, Tunnidge, Phaeleh, Octane & Dlr

5th May, China, Hong Kong

Magnetic Soul @ Xxx

Ant Tc1, Saiyan, Cookie, Fat Demon, N1d, Vj Oscular

5th May, Italy, Naples

Old River Park @ Hyppo Kampos Resort


5th May, Uk, Edinburgh

Electrikal Sound @ The Bongo Club

Lineup Tbc

6th May, Uk, Exeter

Deep End @ Tbc Venue

Lineup Tbc

11th May, France, Paris

Skank It Up @ Glazart

Mungo’s Hifi & Mr Williamz, Bush Chemists & King, Dub-4″

12th May, Uk, Bournemouth

Dub Optic @ Old Fire Station

Lineup Tbc

17th May, France, Lyon

Totaal Rez @ La Marquise

Marcus Nasty

18th May, Uk, Brighton

Supercharged @ Tbc Venue

Lineup Tbc

25th May, Uk, Southampton

Venue: Soul Celler

Jehst (Full Live Band) Phaeleh, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Ant Tc1 &Dlr

25th May, Switzerland, Geneva

Top Ranking @ The Zoo

Lineup Tbc

26th May, Uk, Cambridge

Stink Like Sock @ The Junction

Phaeleh, Mungos Hifi

26th May, Uk, Glasgow

Bad News @ Tbc Venue

Lineup Tbc

26th May, Greece, Athens

Big Bang @ Bios

Jack Sparrow, Billy Widz & Jeph1, Harris Funxion, Srj

26th May, Italy, Turin

Nomad Records @ Spazzio211

Distance, De Niro, Epitome, Ezra, Nhertz, Sick, Sublmnl, Mc Kwality

27th May, Japan, Tokyo

Party2style @ Tabloid Tokyo

Party2style, Solo Banton


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