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Pope JokesIt’s a sad day for the Catholic church as Pope Benedict XVI has unexpectedly resigned. However most people don’t really give a toss.

In keeping with topical news items, please enjoy the below Pope jokes.

No offence to the Catholics, we just can’t take life seriously, it’s not our fault, it’s how sperm made us.

Pope Resigns.
True Catholic pulls out early. Josh, Bondi

Such dedication from the Pope, giving his job up for Lent. Jeremy, Greenwich

‘Pope resigns’…Why is everyone going on about this?
I resign fortnightly and no one gives a shit. Derek, Newtown

The Pope resigning makes a lot of sense actually.
He is very old, some abilities are fading and his bucket list is approaching adolescence. James, St Kilda

The Pope is resigning because he lacks the strength to do the job.
In other words , An alter boy fought him off. Paul, Redfern

“I love it when a 10 year old boy farts my own semen back in my face.”
Said the Pope to the Cardinal as he was handing him his P45. Gavin, Richmond

Michael Jackson, the Pope and a bunch of kids are on a plane. Suddenly the plane becomes out of control and is on course to crash.

“Here, there are 2 parachutes.” said the Pope.
“What about the kids?” replied Jacko.
“Fuck the kids.” said the Pope.
To this, Jacko said, “We haven’t got enough time.” Sandy, Surry Hills

Apparently, the Pope reckons that condoms ‘make things worse’ in regards to the AIDS epidemic.
The day I take sex advice from an 82-year-old virgin, is the same day I take parenting advice from Kate and Gerry McCann. Simon, Darlinghurst

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