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Live Review: Shane Matheson


Space hoppers have always seemed indestructible, lurking in your garage with malevolent intent then subliminally urging you to bounce them. Yet for Shane Matheson the issue is far greater than accidentally bouncing onto the garden path. An immortal space hopper killed his father and now he is after revenge.

Within a few minutes of introducing the show we are into strange territory from which there is no escape. If you are hoping for puns, quick one-liners and suave self-depreciation then this is easily the wrong room. For to enter a room with Shane Matheson is akin to entering the world which The Mighty Boosh inhabit. It is self-righteously silly and not a single moment in the 55 minutes is to be taken seriously. All the better for it too.

Matheson is a relief from the trends of witty, erudite comedy and his show is as unhinged as it is unrefined. While there is the hint of a narrative the show should be understood as one long sketch touching on the perils of immortality and including several ridiculous songs. Garnering few points for musical talent there is an endearing quality to Matheson’s performance who seems at ease with laughing at himself and whatever happens to go wrong with his childishly cheaply made props.

With the theme set firmly in the surreal you can spend a large part of the show wondering where the next turn will come. It is this unpredictability that lends the show its greatest virtue and it is no surprise when the funniest moments occur in his improvisation; the odd burst balloon or snapped toy sword before the cheapest of playfights to the death.

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