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The XXXX Brewery Tour

The XXXX Brewery Tour

XXXX…It’s Queensland for beer, but have you ever wondered how this iconic brew got its name? Want to see something out of the ordinary? Have a good time? Taste the brews and enjoy a tasty bite with your beer?

The XXXX Brewery Tour takes you through the heart of the iconic XXXX Brewery, where you’ll find interesting facts about beer, the colourful history of XXXX and its place in the Australian community and lifestyle.

You will see the inner workings of the brewery, learn about the raw ingredients, the brewing process and see the action of the packaging line. Learn to pour yourself a perfect beer, and taste it like a brewer, and then relax in the Ale house bar and enjoy the famous beers – brewery-fresh!

Enjoy the quality lunch menu Monday to Sunday or relax with your mates on the weekend and experience the Brewery, Beer and BBQ tour. Incorporating the Classic Brewery tour, you’ll enjoy the Queenslander barbeque lunch with your beer tasting.

Prices: Classic / BBQ
Adults: $25* / $38*
Students/Seniors: $23* / $35*
Group (10 or more adults): $23* / $35*
Non-beer drinking adults: $21 / $34
Children 11-18 years: $16 / $29

*includes four glasses of beer for tasting in the XXXX Ale House bar at the end of the tour.

Become part of this historical site and host your next party or event in the heart of the XXXX Brewery. With the copper and timber decor the XXXX Ale House provides a theme of its own, incorporating the heritage and craftsmanship of XXXX with the tastes of Queensland.

Bookings are essential and can be made online at www.xxxxalehouse.com.au or by calling (07)33617597.


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