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    Things to do in Greece

    Sail To Paros

    One of the most popular islands in the Cyclades, Paros is a must whilst visiting the Greek Islands. Paros is famous for its architecture, stunning beaches and bustling nightlife – all the ingredients that make for the perfect summer holiday. ...

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    Santorini Travel Guide

    sailing holidays greece

    Make Santorini your summer holiday this year… Looking for a summer getaway, then the Greek Island of Santorini could be just the place. Famous for its vibrant blue doors and window frames the old town will transport you to another ...

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    Explore Ancient Greece Over 20 Days


    Free and Easy Traveler’s adventures emphasise the importance and beauty of spontaneous travel – feeling free and taking life easy is their core ethos and exactly what backpacking should be all about.  On board their spectacular 20-day Beaches Beyond Beautiful ...

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    Set Sail To Mykonos

    sailing holidays Mykonos 2017 deals

    Nestled within the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos makes for a stunning Greek Island getaway. As you approach the shores of Mykonos you’re confronted by a picture perfect view of classic Greek architecture as the sun ...

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    Greece Sailing Tours

    Sailing Holidays In Greece

    Yolo Yachting with Sail In Greece Scattered across the Mediterranean the Greek Islands make for the perfect destination for a sailing holiday in Greece. Infinite numbers of postcards have tried to capture their natural beauty, but even the best ones ...

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    Island Hop Your Way Through Greece

    Greek houses by the sea

    Tour Operator: Travel Talk Tours Prices From: From £185 per person and from 5-10 days in duration Travel Talk’s Greece Island Hopping Tours take you to a country of remarkable cultural and historical heritage, and lets you discover all of ...

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    Soak Up The Grecian Sun In Ios

    far out beach club

    Your one stop shop for sun, sea, sand and sound… Anyone who has seen the Ios Island’s pristine, crystal-clear turquoise waters and the charming traditional villages would agree that Ios is indeed the jewel of the Cyclades. The Far Out ...

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