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What More Can You Do With Instagram?

Instagram is the app that has sent the world snap happy. The photo sharing tool provides a quick and easy way to share and create snapshots, whilst adding arty effects. However Instagram has hit a problem with a virus infected fake app. Life’s already a bitch at times and having an annoying collective who feel filling a Russian ‘mystery man’ images and sending messages to premium services to rack up huge bills is amusing is given a virtual fist punch from us. Download Instagram from the legit site Google Play market only people!

There’s nothing special about taking a photo and placing filters over the image but with Instagram having approximately 35 million users, the photo sharing programme does have more substance if we delve a little deeper:

Instagram has more to offer like the Instaprint where you can hire images to print at your party/event (yes, it’s a mini photobooth). When setting up Instaprint for an event, you select which hashtags and/or location tags you want Instaprint to look for. Any Instagrams taken by any user will then be grabbed by their cloud servers and sent to the Instaprint device(s). The process uses inkless printing like the good old Polaroids back in the day.

Feeling more nostalgic? Why not send a postcard to your close ones through Postagram iOS app. Just take a photo with the app, leave a personal message and wait for that ‘aw, thanks’ from that special someone once the printed postcard has been delivered. What was that I heard you say? You want to keep something for yourself? Look at Printstagram and Printsgram on ways to turn your images into stickers, posters and other print based fancies!

If popularity is one of your main priorities then sign up to the free Statigram site where you can check out who’s following you and what your most viewed images are. The site also shows which filters are triggering the most number of likes and comments for those who want to increase their street cred.

If you want to remain living with a positive circle around you on Instagram, just don’t start embracing images of anorexia, bulimia or any self-harm as your account will be disabled without warning – that goes for you too Alexa Chung! (even though she’s deleted ‘that’ photo from all the hate messages about her stick thin legs). We know you’re a model but get some more pasties down you Alexa and fill those legs with some fat because right now they look like twigs.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg feels Instagram has potential to develop further and has taken over the company with a $1 billion deal. However, many feel that Facebook will become a control freak and use Instagram images published by others for their benefit including using them in ads.

With the amount the co-founders of Instagram now have, they can get hammered every night and post photos of themselves on the site for the rest of their lives!

By Yasmin Yip

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