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The Best Sydney Wine Bars

wine being poured into a glass in a sydney wine bar

Sydney wine bars offer some of the best atmospheres as well as of course some of the best varieties of wine from Australia, NZ and all over the world. Sydney siders have developed quite the taste and knowledge of wine since some of the best wine in the world comes out of Australia from places like the Hunter Valley, Orange, Tamar Ridge, the Yarra Valley and Barossa Valley.
There are a vast number of drinking place to visit from the sophisticated to the down
and out, in recent years Sydney bars have caught up with the trendy wine bar scene,
and like most things once the Sydney siders get into some thing they really do it well.
So Sydney wine bars are a must visit attraction for both tourists and locals.
There are several very impressive Sydney wine bars in the CBD, mostly dotted
around George Street, Pitt Street and the best and the most impressive of Sydney
wine bars are at Martin Place. There are several Wine bars in Darling harbor and
near Circular quay, many of these are pretend wine bars but are really up market
restaurants with modern cuisine and healthy finger food, ideal for the girl who wants
to keep looking slim and beautiful.
Go yuppie, just a 15 minute walk from the CBD is the inner city suburb of Surrey
Hills, home of the up and coming future captains of industry. This strip runs along
Crown road is well worth a visit, there are a few but really good Sydney wine bars
here, there are also some interesting Indian and Lebanese restaurants at the far end of
the strip.
There are a few very good Sydney wine bars in coastal suburbs such as Bondi Beach
and Coogee, worth a visit if you are a local or feel like a trip out of town.
There are also several good Sydney wine bars in Newtown along King Street the
home of the young and funky.
Interestingly wine bars grew rapidly in the UK as female customers preferred the nice
chic and clean civilized atmosphere of wine bars, Sydney wine bars have the same
attraction and are crammed full of smartly dressed female executives having a relaxed
moment or two after a busy day at the office enjoying a Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Pinot Noir or one of many other varieties that Sydney is into.



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